Eid Aldikanji

    Software craftsmanship & new technologies are like sport
        never end but tend to be a lifestyle ~ Eid Aldikanji
eid@dev:~$ bash ~/private/scripts/services-status.sh --work
Services running on 0x-mobscet-11r-dmz-a0 [+] httpd => 200! loaded ✔ [+] nginx ✔ [+] ssh[!] work.service ... Loading work experience Germany Method Park by UL Mar.2019 -> Jun.2022 Software Engineer at MedApp Aug.2018 -> Mar.2019 Software Engineer at MedApp (part-time) Internationaler Bund e.V.(IB) Oct.2018 -> May.2020 Volunteer network/system administrator, international student residence Syria Jan.2013 -> Dec.2017 Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Commission, Central Bank of Syria Supervisor at IT Unit Jan.2015 -> Jan.2016 AMANSEC CTO, Part-time, PKI and PenTest Nov.2011 -> Jan.2014 Orjwan Consulting Web Developer / Designer, Senior Team Leader 2008 - 2011 Freelancer [+] work.service[!] tech-stack.service ... Loading technology stack [-] tech-stack.service